Changseong Construction Co., ldt of Developer Leading Innovation with Creative Sense

Established in 2018, Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. took over the management ideology and technology of Dong A Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. which has a 60 year history, and entered the domestic and international construction business. We aim to create customer centered values as our primary goal and create a happy human space with Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. unique technology and design. Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. believes in 'the free spirit and the power of spirit of the intellect' and is confident that it will lead to innovation in the construction project th rough teamwork, ranging from the initial planning stage of construction and projects abroad to urban planning and building design and construction supervision

#1. Creative Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. creative ideas are based on customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a key criterion for determining a company's sustainable future value and is a prerequisite that must be met.

#2. Sensation Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. is moving forward with sensual talents who respond to constant changes in the construction industry

In order to secure talented professionals with a large number of experiences and establish branch networks around the world, we are actively training employees on global architectural sense and technology We will continue to grow into a leading company in the 21st century by wisely coping with rapidly changing business environment through talent and technology oriented management philosophy and enhancing technological competiti veness

#3. Innovation Changsung Construction Co., Ltd. is the leading group in innovation for construction companies

Changseong Construction Co., Ltd. is making constant efforts to lead the construction technology field based on advanced technology and to create greater value through it We will establish ourselves as a leader in construction technology by developing technologies that are one step ahead of the wor ld's needs

Kim Dong Hyeon, CEO of Changseong Construction Co., Ltd.