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Changsung Construction Co., Ltd. creates future value for customers through human-centered space value creation and perfect construction

Representative KIM DONG HYEON
Location #602, Geumhyeon Building, 3, Chungjang-daero, Jung-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Business license number 352-81-01229
Corporation number 180111-1165257
Business type / Item Construction / comprehensive construction
Phone number +82-51-731-1048
Fax number +82-0503-8379-2385
E-MAIL csenc@csenc.or.kr
Founding date Aug 8, 2018
Holding license Construction work(02-1481)
Capital 500,000,000 (500 million won in gold)

Corporate competitiveness

  • high-quality technical skills
    high-quality technical skills

    We will build the best E&C in Korea with high quality technology

  • accumulated know-how
    accumulated know-how

    We continue to develop through the accumulated experience, technical skills, and a balanced understanding of people and space

  • best manpower resources
    best manpower resources

    We have the best resources by implementing a team of experts from each field and a thorough workforce management and effective t alent training program

  • transparent management
    transparent management

    We are taking a step closer to our customers and society through honest and clean management and open management

  • efficient organization
    efficient organization

    We are working on an efficient and flexible organization that can maximize synergy effect

  • Customer Satisfaction Realized
    Customer Satisfaction Realized

    We realize customer value management with a mindset that values our customers' opinions and tries to give them greater satisfact ion than they want